I mentioned that the neighbors knew John back when he lived here
through the mid 1970's.  For the record, John bought this house brand
new in 1951 and moved in with his wife.  For reasons I don't know, or
wouldn't mention if I did, in the mid-70's John divorced and moved
away.   His ex-wife lived in the house until 2000, when my wife bought it
and moved in.  The neighbors kept in touch with his former wife.  

When I found the documents, they contacted her, and e-mailed her the
webpage you have seen with all the documents I scanned in, as well as
the story of my odd discovery.  She passed all this on to her daughter
who then contacted me with her dad's address and phone number.  
Here is an edited copy of her e-mail:

Hello -
I am John Newman's daughter, Stephanie (Newman).  Carol passed your
information on to my mom and she emailed me the link to your website.  
I left my mom's to go to my dad's yesterday and shared with
him the news of your find.  He was delighted to know that you had found
these papers.  He had actually been looking for them often in recent
years and was distressed that he couldn't locate them.  He would love
for you to send them to him and is quite willing to pay whatever the
shipping costs are.

His contact info:
John R. Newman
Berlin MD  21811
He does not have computer access.

He is 85 now and DOES have Parkinson's but it is well controlled.  He's
pretty spry and stays active.  He works a couple days a week as a
ranger at a golf course.  A bum shoulder has keep him off his own game
for a few months, but he's looking forward to swinging the clubs again

Thank you again for contacting the family about these papers.  It has
meant a lot to my dad to know that they haven't been lost and that he
might be able to see them again soon.

Most sincerely,

He lives just outside of Ocean City, MD.  And anyone who knows me,
knows I go to Ocean City every week. So I knew I would
have to ask the
former Ensign Newman if I could meet him in person.  

I got my nerve up to make the phone call.  It was kind of anti-climactic
when the answering machine picked up.  But he did know I would be
calling, so I left the message and just waited.  

John called back, and we just started talking about how ironic it was
that I found all these things.  I asked them where he thought he left all
these things, and he said he thought he had thrown them out!

So we made plans to meet this Saturday.  This should be very